Find a Professional Public Adjuster Philadelphia

A public adjuster is a qualified insurance adjuster who specializes in settling property damage claims. They can guide you through the entire insurance claim process from filing minor claims to saving a claim mark on your insurance renewals. These insurance adjusters also have the knowledge and experience necessary to negotiate with your insurance company to obtain the highest possible settlement amount. These professionals are often hired by insurance companies to help them resolve disputes and maximize settlements.

Because public adjusters aren’t paid until the insurer pays out their clients, they’re motivated to obtain the maximum settlement possible for their clients. As their fees are typically between five to 12% of the total amount recovered, public adjusters can be aggressive in soliciting clients after a disaster. However, a public adjuster’s fee is well worth it, so hiring a public adjuster can be a worthwhile investment.

One of the primary roles of a public adjuster is to help property owners understand their insurance policies. They also organize the claim process and help document property losses. According to, public adjusters help property owners with insurance claims. By helping property owners understand their policies and preparing a detailed report about their losses, public adjusters help clients get the maximum settlements possible.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, a public adjuster can help you obtain a higher settlement from your insurance company. Often, public adjusters can negotiate higher settlement amounts than the insurance company would if you’re doing it yourself. Their expertise in the insurance industry means that public adjusters always get higher settlement amounts, and can help policyholders understand their obligations and rights. There’s no reason to avoid hiring a public adjuster if you’ve sustained property damage.

A public adjuster’s role in a property damage insurance claim is critical. A public adjuster is an independent third-party, working for the policyholder. While public adjusters are not allowed to sue the insurance company, they can assist you in negotiating a fair settlement. And while they can’t sue the insurance company, they can work with a lawyer to ensure that you get the full compensation you deserve for the property damage.

An insurance adjuster’s first visit to a property damage claim is crucial. In order to accurately assess the extent of the damage, the adjuster needs to inspect the property to determine its value in cash. The insurance adjuster and insured should agree on this value. Upon completion of this step, the insurance company will be happy with the final settlement. If this is the case, the insurance adjuster will issue a reservation of rights letter and negotiate with the insurer to ensure that the insurance company pays the full claim amount.

If you choose to hire a public adjuster, it is important to research their experience and credentials. Generally, public adjusters with years of experience should charge more. However, it is still advisable to check the insurance company’s website to find out if any previous clients have recommended the public adjuster to you. Make sure to check for complaints against their services. Also, look for members of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA). Membership does not guarantee that the adjuster is qualified or will provide quality service.